About Us

Smith Wicks soy candles are hand-made from a 100% natural blend of soy and other vegetable waxes. Most companies that offer pillar candles use parrafin, or some other petroleum based additive to make their candles capable of standing outside of a jar or container. We take pride in offering candles that have renewable ingredients that will burn cleaner, with less soot and polution entering in your burning environment.

We like to use soy in our candles because of our fond memories of growing up near soy fields in Tennessee. Savannah’s father still has soy growing on his property to this day.

While almost no colored candle can be 100% natural, we use less than 1/2% dye in any of our candles. This makes them as natural as possible. We have a commitment to the environment, not only in your home, but around it. Carbon credits are purchased to offset the shipping of our supplies, and we only use recycled shipping containers and packing supplies.

Smith Wicks also prides itself on being one of the select few soy candle companies in the country that offers free customized wraps on each of their pillars. We like to call it that “something special”.

The one thing we don’t hold back is the scent in each of our candles. We started Smith Wicks because we were tired of buying scented candles that smelled amazing in the store, but didn’t throw their smell around the house once lit at home.

We hope you enjoy experiencing a cleaner, better smelling life.
– Smith Wicks Soy