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Thank you to all who are helping make this the #1 source for all live music listings in Memphis. Click on the link above and you can find MySpace banners and also links for your site. Let your friends know about us here at!

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We know there are other sites and such trying to do this and we applaud their efforts. That being said there are a lot out there that just don't get the job done--not getting updated, listing by the venue so you can't find who you are looking for, or sometimes just not easy to use. Not us. We are musicians so we know the headaches that you go through to try to find where a band is playing. We are doing everything within our power to make sure that every band that wants to be heard has an audience. We are making it free for the band and will update the site as close to daily as we can possibly make it.

Lovapalooza and


Long ago when we were planning this website, this is the exact kind of event that we knew we would cover. Great local music that not everyone would have known about. We knew that when we let people know about things happening in town the cream would rise to the top and no one would miss a show again. As it turns out, we didn't get things rolling soon enough to promote Lovapalooza in Hernando, MS, but the show certainly didn't suffer because of it. We just wish we could have let more people know about it so they could have experienced exactly what we did--Memphis Music at its finest. No fancy light shows, no huge ticket prices, just good rock and roll south of the border, with the occasional pyrotechnic.


Around Town with the Gig

The place that you can come check out pictures of you and your favorite bands doing their thing. If you have something coming up you want on the internet and eternal, let us know.


MudFlap King MudFlap King at Dan McGuinness East July 22, 2006
Twin Soul and Mudpuppies Twin Soul and The Mudpuppies July 15, 2006
The Plaintiffs The Plaintiffs at T.J. Mulligan's

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