Smith-Wicks Customized Candles

Smith Wicks offers custom labeled candles for no extra charge. Custom candles are the perfect way to thank clients. Whether you give them for a birthday gift, holiday gift, or as a “thank you” for their business, custom candles with your company logo on them are a great way to separate your business from the competition. Customers will appreciate that you chose a hand-made & eco-friendly option when deciding on a gift for them.

Scent is the sense closest tied to memory. Make sure that your clients remember you the next time they need a service you provide.


Great for Fundraisers!

Fundraising with Smith Wicks is simple, fun, and profitable! With Smith Wicks soy pillar candles, there are many advantages and perks over traditional school and group fundraisers.

Put your school or group’s logo on the wax wrap of your custom Smith-Wicks soy candle for a great eco-friendly fundraising option. Break away from wrapping paper, candy and fruit. When people in your community choose to support your cause, give them something they will truly enjoy. Don’t give another coffee mug or USB drive…give them someting that will remind them of you! Your logo, your gift.

High commission rate is simply stated in your contract as a flat percentage of profit. Incentives for fundraisers such as group logo t-shirts and free shipping after certain numbers of candle sales.

If you need help designing a logo, or recreating a logo that you have that is not print-ready, Smith Wicks offers logo design and resetting for a reasonable charge.


Custom Inserts

Every custom candle comes with a personalized insert in each box. Each custom insert serves as the greeting card to your gift recipeint.

For custom inserts we have done in the past, please contact Bryan Smith at BSmith@Smith-Wicks.com